Hello, I'm Rosie!

I'm an illustrator, writer and professional daydreamer - based in Nottinghamshire, UK.


Unlocking my own creativity is something which has empowered me again and again.

It saved my degree in Architecture {something I felt desperately out of my depth in}; it has defined my career and lifestyle choices since graduating {I now run a growing creative business}; it has given me a purpose, strength and confidence that I couldn't have found any other way. 


I believe that everyone has a little bit of magic waiting inside them, their own path to creative expression that can be nurtured and encouraged to bloom.



My Creativity Story


I used to believe I was a terrible artist.

Growing up, I always loved making things and using my imagination. 

But at school I was also pretty academic, and tended to cling to the more practical Design and Technology subjects over Art because I truly believed I was rubbish at drawing. I think it's something that often comes in when a child reaches that self-conscious age, and realises that they can't draw things exactly the way they should look. It's a tricky self-deprecation to shake, and unfortunately the older I got, the worse it got. It got to the point where I didn't draw at all for fun for years. 

My self doubt completely took over during my time at university.

In spite of this, I still loved coming up with ideas and making things with my hands, and ended up studying a degree in Architecture. I was so out of my depth at university. Like a lot of high achievers, I went from finding things fairly easy at school, to being really, really average at university. It felt like everyone on my course was a fine artist, while I {having not drawn properly in years} could barely sketch. I came very close to dropping out twice.

I started to find an inner-confidence in all the ways my creativity was different and unique. 

Through the encouragement of some supportive tutors, and the re-ignition of my love for making things, I slowly started to embrace all of the things that made my work stand out for the right reasons. I started to find the seed of my creative confidence; a knowledge that the things that make your work different and personal are the things that make it so brilliant. 

I dived into sewing and model making and writing, because drawing is not the only way to express your beautiful creativity. 

I discovered that my business was the perfect garden from which to grow and nurture my creativity.

Since then, I've been slowly but steadily building on that confidence with the help of my creative business. Having the space and motivation to keep working at your craft is really useful for developing creativity. I've returned to sketching and painting for enjoyment, no longer hate the sight of my own handwriting {I'm even using it in my latest branding update!}, and am currently finding so much joy in taking creative photographs for Instagram. 

In the last few years I've also discovered fiction writing, something I was completely new to, and rapidly fell in love with. It's so amazing what adding a new string to your creative bow can do. It's been really invaluable for my confidence because it's helped me to see how you can love something simply for the process, and that you don't have to be brilliant when you're just starting out.  

I'd love to help you discover and develop your creative spark, too.

Here's how


I write a regular blog sharing the best ways to build sustained and consistent creativity into your life, along with posts on how to grow and develop those skills, and advice on living with more intention and contentment.

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I illustrate and make a range of beautiful stationery, accessories and home decor for creative souls. Each product is designed to empower a more inspired mindset; providing creative encouragement in your home, as part of your workspace or even for you to wear. 

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I support a hashtag on instagram where you can share all of your creative process and work-in-progress photos for lots of encouragement. Join my creative community @rosieoneilluk and tag into #my_creative_soul.

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