Lots of us feel trapped or stifled when we impose a sense of structure or routine on our days. Maybe it's the inner rebel in us, the feeling that we just don't like being told what to do and when (even when we're the ones telling ourselves).

But good routines, with good habits, can be hugely beneficial in building a lifestyle that allows the time and energy we need to be creative.

designing a supportive routine for thriving creativity

I like routine, but it has to be flexible for it to work for me - anything too rigid and I can feel stressed and under pressure. There are a few little habits and tasks I make a point of trying to do most days, and these are the ones I've put in place to surround and support the lifestyle I'm striving towards - one in which my creativity can thrive.

How to plan a more supportive structure for your own day to day

Ask yourself:

- What things help you create that important sense of blank space?

- What things help you to relax?

- What things help to energise you?

- What's your most productive/lively time of day?

- How might your morning routine contribute to the way you set yourself up for the day?

- How might your evening routine contribute to the way you wind down for sleep effectively?

Use the answers to these questions to pull out some new potential habits or mini routines to try out.

Implement one or two at a time, and get really intentional about following through on them (tracking them visually using a habit tracker is helpful).

Use a set time period (a couple of weeks / a month) to assess whether the addition worked out well for you or not.

Repeat / change / shuffle things around as necessary.

Ideas for habits

- a five minute guided meditation (morning or evening)

- gratitude journaling (write down three things you are grateful for at the end of each day)

- a thirty minute walk

- eating lunch / taking a break outside

- a quick desk / workspace tidy at the end of your working day

- listening to an audiobook on your commute / while doing household tasks

- reading for ten minutes

- setting a cut off time for phones / social media