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Putting our creativity out there is never easy. It can fill us with self doubt and criticism, make us feel vulnerable and exposed, all the while running the risk of it being judged negatively somewhere along the way. 

It's impossible to avoid rejection at one point or another, but we can't let it prevent us from sharing our work. Sharing your creativity with the world is such an important step to take in making your dreams a reality and really taking things up a notch with your art.

So, if we can't avoid rejection, we have to learn to deal with it in a positive way, to channel it into something productive and helpful.

turn a rejection into a chance for creative growth and development - read at

First, rejection hurts. It is so normal and healthy for your self-confidence to be rocked and you should allow yourself to feel this if you can. Take a moment, take a break, then get back to work because one, two, however many rejections are not going to stop you achieving your potential. 

Next, take the chance to evaluate some of the circumstances surrounding your rejection. Maybe you applied for a prestigious craft market and didn't get in, maybe you pitched an article or idea to a magazine, maybe you reached out to express an interest in a collaboration and were turned down. 

But, why?

And most importantly, what can you do better next time?

Allow your rejection to galvanise you, to spur you into action and come back with a better application, pitch or idea. If appropriate, seek feedback or discuss with a creative-minded friend. Maybe you can refresh your photography for that application, or refine your artist bio. Maybe you need more practise and experience to hone your writing style for that article you want to pitch.

rejection can be a positive experience for your creative spirit- read at

Whatever it is, use the rejection to try again - only better.   

Above all, remember that you had to be brave to put your work out there in the first place. Rejection is a failure only if you allow it be, choose instead for it to be a marker of your courage and tenacity.