how to fuel your creativity

Whatever medium you work in, creating takes a huge amount of energy. Learning how to fuel up appropriately can make all the difference when it comes to making art on a regular basis.

Small habits and lifestyle changes can even help creativity become a more natural part of your everyday.

take care of your mental well being for improved creative stamina

The Creative Well.

While it's true that creativity isn't something you can run out of, it can definitely feel a little bit dry on occasion if you're all work, no play. 

It's impossible to create in a vacuum - so make sure you're putting things into your creative well, filling it right up before expecting anything to come out of it. 

Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything, the trick is to open yourself up to consuming and enjoying other peoples art and work from a range of sources {and to do it regularly in the spirit of practising a good work/life balance}. 

seek out inspiration to fuel new ideas

Emotional Fuel.

Your mindset can really impact your energy levels and affect your motivation when it comes to creating. 

Look after your emotional wellbeing by working on your stress management {keep organised with lists and systems, learn to say no/take a step back when you need to}, and making sure your working space is clear, clean and calming. 

Focus on your own working habits to help with motivation - you may find you work well to deadlines, or like to have a goal to work towards; or you might prefer to work in little chunks of time with less pressure.

Getting the right environment around you can help your creative process flow with a more positive mindset - choose your favourite music; get comfortable {pay attention to your posture/ergonomics and light levels}; light a nice candle or open the window for some fresh air. 

take care of yourself and fuel your body the right way for better creative energy

Physical Fuel.

Taking care of yourself physically goes a long way to providing a healthy and productive environment; one that's naturally predisposed to forming great ideas, tackling creative projects, and making the good stuff happen.

Getting enough, good quality sleep is so important for mood and energy - try boosting yours by: avoiding caffeine later in the day; winding down with a book instead of working late; sneaking in a 20 minute afternoon nap.

Hydrate! Plenty of water is good for focus and efficiency {or squash if you don't like water}, and a little bit of caffeine in the form of a nice cup of tea can give you an important energy boost during the mid-afternoon slump.

Eating the right kinds of food can seem time consuming and annoying when you have loads to do - but this is when its most important. Slow release carbohydrates, oats, proteins etc are all excellent ways to fuel a big creative session {along with the obvious fruit/veg requirements of course}.