how to make a creative vision board

Creative vision boards are like moodboards that you can make and use to help guide your creativity. 

A creative vision board is a place to really get to grips with your inspiration in a tangible way. It's a tool for developing new ideas or getting clarity on your style, and for keeping creative projects on target and really true to their original purpose. 

You can use it to inspire or to motivate, and to encourage a more intentional creativity.

embrace clarity of purpose by honing your inspiration

Vision boards can be helpful and applicable for a variety of different creative projects. To get started, think about a project or theme you'd like to focus on. 

You could try:

- Collecting character, setting and tone references for a {fiction} writing project.

- Using your vision board as a place for instagram photography inspiration, with editing, props, styling, composition references.

- Making a moodboard for an upcoming product collection or even a rebranding project that helps define and clarify your style.

make your inspiration tangible with a creative vision board

Making your vision board.

Start on pinterest - make a new board just for vision board inspiration and start filling it up {you can make it private, too}. A good way to search for pins quickly is to find one you like, select it, then scroll down to find the 'more like this' section - this is pinterest's way of recommending similar or appropriate pins for you. 

You can add your own pins too, either direct from websites, or by uploading your own photos or screenshots from your device.

Next, collect things from other sources. Images from magazines {Frankie, Flow, Rookie, Mollie Makes - are all packed with top inspiration}, postcards, mini prints, packaging, colour/paint swatches.

Now, get specific. Go through everything you've collected so far and get ruthless with it. Discard anything that doesn't specifically fit your vision board's purpose. 

Print and cut out your pinterest images, and lay everything out together on the desk. Does everything look good together? Cohesive, like it could be a collection of images? If not - you might need to weed out a few more things. The point of the vision board is to clarify your direction, not muddy it with incompatible and noisy inspiration. 

Stick everything down. If you're an 'everything in the sketchbook' type of person, you might want to take a double spread and make your vision board in there. However, as you're going to need your vision board as a regular point of reference, it might be more helpful to make it on a piece of card or board - so you can avoid shutting it away in a sketchbook and forgetting about it. 

How you choose to present your vision board is ultimately up to you and your personal style. It can be all straight lines and neat edges, or it can be torn sheets with your own handwriting and sketches added in too - whatever you find most helpful or prefer creating is fine.

This physical, tangible process of actually making the vision board is so important, so don't be tempted to skip this last part in favour of sticking with a digital pinterest board. Like the sketchbook, this runs the risk of being something you rarely refer back to, and because it's digital, we tend not to give it the same weight or importance sub-consciously.

Going through potential inspiration physically makes us really take it in, helps us to connect with it in a way that's totally different to how we scroll past things on a screen. This can make such a difference when it comes to preparing inspiration and direction that truly guides us in our creativity.