sharing your creativity on instagram

Instagram is one of my favourite places to hang out online at the moment, and the amazing creative community is one of the main reasons.

If you're looking to grow your creativity and really experiment and explore your style, it's a great place to start sharing work. 

It can seem scary sharing something you've made online for other people to see (and potentially judge), but trust me when I say that it's far more likely to be a positive experience. In fact, getting likes and comments on something you've made can be a real boost - the perfect confidence push for you to keep going. 

Photography basics

Keep things super simple if you're new to photographing your creative progress. Try a flatlay of work on a styled desk set-up. Flatlays work best when they're shot straight on, from directly above the subject - if you need to, try standing on a stool or getting up higher to get the best angle. 

Or, for an even easier photo - try a simple one of just your hand holding up whatever you've made against a plain background. Just like with a flatlay, keep your phone or camera straight on to the subject for a photo with nice parallel angles.

Remember to use natural light (set up next to a window), keep your flash off, and either gently tap your phone screen to get a better focus, or use the auto focus function on your camera (most commonly a light squeeze of the shutter). Although I'm all for getting to know your camera better and developing photography skills along the way, there's no shame in relying on auto settings to get you up and started - aka, don't wait to be perfect!

how to photography your creative process to share on instagram


If you're lacking in photography inspiration, or just want to check in with a regular challenge to keep yourself motivated and accountable, try taking part in Instagram's Weekend Hashtag Project. Check their account on Saturday morning for the weekend's theme, and get joining in! Try to work out how the theme can work for your current creative process, tie it in with something you're making already, or use it as an excuse to play for a few hours with a new idea.

Creative instagram tips.

Hashtags and Community

Find your community on Instagram by sharing regularly and using appropriate hashtags. You can find everything from medium-specific hashtags such as #writersofinstagram or #artistsofinstagram to something that captures the mood and tone of your imagery (if you work with moody, natural colours and textures you could try some slow living hashtags such as #simpleandstill or #folkandstory, or if your work is very vibrant and colourful you could try #dscolor or #abmlifeiscolorful). Don't forget, you can also tag creative process or work-in-progress photography to my hashtag, #my_creative_soul. 

Once you've found a few hashtags to use, don't forget to have a browse through what everyone is posting, and give out plenty of likes and supportive comments! Before you know it, your own little community will soon be visiting your photos to leave encouraging comments.