Six ways to challenge yourself creatively

We can all get stuck in a creative rut from time to time. Our motivation to make new things dries up, nothing we create feels quite right, or maybe it just feels like the muse has abandoned us. 

But the real trick with creativity is that your inspiration {or 'the muse'} has to find you working - which means you've got to keep showing up to get your creative flow back on track. 

Setting yourself a new challenge can be a great way to refind the joy in creating. It can help with drive and motivation; as well as uncovering new skills and inspirations.

get your creative flow back on track

Try a new medium.

A great way to refresh your creative practise is to introduce a new medium to your art.

It can help to develop your personal style, plus learning something new is usually great fun - perfect for building your creative confidence back up after a dip. 


Something that will complement your current medium of choice. For example - if you crochet, could you have a go at another fibre craft, such as weaving or macrame?

Something that broaden your creative perspective. For example - if you take beautiful photographs, could you practise writing some words to accompany them?


Set yourself a goal/hone an existing skill.

Nobody really likes to hear it, but practise actually does pay off. Introducing a regular goal to simply sit down and practise whatever your creative thing is can make so much difference to your skill level and enjoyment. 

Consistent, daily goals can add up to a whole lot of practise time clocked in - and making it a habit can help to break your creative rut through sheer staying-the-course will power. 

Don't feel like you have the time to add a regular practise time to your current daily routine? Take a look at this post for advice.

break free from a creative rut

Share your work.

Introduce a little fear into your creative work to reinvigorate it. 

Step out of your comfort zone and share something you made with the world. It really can do wonders for your accountability and will definitely provide a little boost to your creative confidence. 

If you're looking for a platform to share things on, you can head over to instagram and share your creative process and works-in-progress using the hashtag #my_creative_soul for support and encouragement. 


Work to a brief.

Creativity thrives on limitations. Sometimes we can get trapped in our old routines and processes, setting a clearly defined boundary for new work might encourage you to break from the path you normally take.


Entering a competition. Look for hashtag challenges on instagram {the Weekend Hashtag Project by Instagram is a great place to start}.

Setting yourself a 'just-for-fun' project. You could make an illustrated alphabet to practise lettering, or have a go at illustrating a zine for some digital drawing practise.

Making up a client brief {or get a friend to make one up for you}. Especially useful if you need to bulk out a portfolio or change up your creative direction.

refind the joy in making

Try a new software/material/technique for something you can already do.

Stretch your existing knowledge and incorporate something new into your craft.


Experimenting with a new technique - if you normally illustrate digitally, can you have a go with traditional handpainting techniques?

Expanding your expertise - if you normally work with a photographic style that's very dark and moody, can you have a go at taking on some bright and whimsical images?



Passing on your knowledge is a lovely way to remember why you loved doing something in the first place.

Maybe you have a friend or family member you can work with on a creative project? Teaching can be so rewarding and a very valuable way of securing your own creative skills in the process.

You could also share a little more about your craft on your blog, or give a quick tutorial over an instagram live.