why you should create for yourself first

If your creativity is at all linked to your career or finances (even if it's a side hustle), or if you share what you make with others in any way, it's likely you'll feel more than a little pressure surrounding it. 

Too much pressure can easily lead to creative block or self doubt, but the easiest way to help head this off is by creating work that fills you up with joy in the first place.

why you should create with authenticity

Personality and authenticity

Infusing your creative work with an overwhelming sense of you is invaluable in building a body of work that is authentic and honest. 

Motivation and persistence

Working on something that you love is key to actually getting the thing finished. While it's true we sometimes have to make things we're less keen on (commission work or another persons brief), building your work with a style and passion that's all your own will do wonders for your motivation. 

Empowerment and confidence

Growing a creative style that's personal and true to yourself will do so much more for your confidence than imitating someone else.