why you should start writing your ideas down

Ideas are the very essence of creativity. They are the seed that something beautiful can bloom from, the soul with which something can be sustained and nurtured.

So it's no surprise that we can fall into the trap of treating them with a specially held reverence, as though they are delicate, fragile creatures that might float away on the breeze if we look at them too long.

Getting into the habit of writing ideas down can be helpful in so many ways.

Ideas crave company. Creative thinking can't be used up, and the more you can get comfortable with allowing ideas to come and go, the more you'll have. If you allow all your ideas to take up a little space by getting them written down, you also release yourself from judging them, loosening up that creative muscle. This is excellent for letting the really good, juicy ideas to the front, meaning the quality of your ideas will go up!

Write your ideas down for improved focus and staying power.

It's very common for a big influx of unrelated ideas to rush in just when you're in the middle of another project. This shiny-idea-syndrome, or magpie effect is to blame for the many unfinished and half started projects creatives tend to have on the go at once. The problem is that your mind is getting comfortable and cosy with the current project, and feels like it's done all it's work on the creative problem solving front. It just wants a new challenge! Writing the ideas down and putting them to one side stops you from starting up with the new project right away, and allows you to finish your existing project with improved focus and concentration.

Download a free creative ideas journal to print and make.

Building up a big list of potential ideas is one of the best ways to beat creative block. The next time you're feeling stuck or lacking in inspiration, simply browse through your collection of notes and ideas and allow your creative spark to be reignited.

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