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I have always been a day-dreamer. Whether on the walk into town, as a passenger on long car journeys, or even {guilty} during a particularly boring shift at the day job. 

I'm often stuck happily inside my own head, found staring wistfully off into the distance, or occasionally zoning out slightly in long conversations {sorry!} - but I've found my persistent day-dreaming to be a positive and powerful force in my day-to-day life.

In fact, I think it's pretty good to be a dreamer, here's why:



I pride myself on being very open to idea forming and creative thinking - something which comes about as a direct result of my day-dreaming. Creativity doesn't wait around for a non-existent muse or some lightning bolt of inspiration - it flows through all the little things you allow yourself to mull over, and a good dreaming session is perfect for forming this habit.


Future Focus.

Dreaming means I'm often thinking about the future. I believe very much in setting myself goals and intentions - in both work and life. Allowing yourself to visualise where you want to be helps you stay focused on getting there.



As well as giving me the opportunity to think big and plan for the future - being a dreamer prompts me to keep driving forwards. Focusing on your crazy big ideas is a wonderful way to move towards accomplishing your dreams. 


Problem solving.

Allowing your mind to wander is an excellent technique to use in problem solving. I find that when I’m stuck on an idea that just won’t work - a bit of pointless day dreaming in an unconnected direction is often the best way to get a problem to untangle. It lets the subconscious rest, giving it chance to work things out without forcing or stress.



We all have moments of doubt or feelings of a lack of contentment, but a healthy dose of dreaming and scheming for a bright future is a great way to focus on the positive - and can really help motivate you out of a slump. 


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