A manifesto for contentment square.jpg

With a day full of to-do lists, social media and self-directed work, it can be easy to get stuck in my own little studio bubble; even easier to lose perspective of the really important things in life. 

In both my business and personal life I'm trying to live by a new set of reminders, a short collection of powerful words; something to keep in mind when I feel a little lost: 



Lots of challenges in life require a little courage to help overcome them; none more so than a creative challenge. It can feel scary and exposing sharing something you made - either online or in real life - and we could all do with remembering that a moment of bravery can make all the difference to building a career around your creativity.   



My business is my passion, absolutely - but sometimes, whether I'm working on a less interesting task, or just having a bad day (or week), I need to remind myself that I'm really doing what I love. It's important for me to make room for the creative, idea-forming moments inside of the everyday, so I can drive the business with my passion and not on autopilot. 



Carrying a sense of kindness is so important when you run an online business. All too easily, the safety of being behind a screen most of the time can create a sense of distance instead of fostering a warm community. Working towards connection and kindness is something I'm always striving for - whether that's in sharing a fellow creative's work, or taking the time to craft a thoughtful comment or compliment.  


{Do you have any words or special thoughts you try to live by? What do you like to remember when you need a little extra support or motivation?}