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When you set a bunch of goals and hopes at the beginning of the year, it can be hard to see anything but the things you haven't done as the months tick by; especially if that one *big dream* is yet to be achieved, and the to-do list seems as insurmountable as it did in January. 

I don't keep a personal journal or diary, but this year I set myself the challenge of documenting life, month-by-month - using a few pages (the 'notes' section) of my planner. 

Unlike the seemingly intense workload of keeping a detailed or thoughtful journal, these pages are simply a few bullet pointed lists with monthly prompts as recurring headings.

I record everything from social stats to personal achievements - and include anything I made a goal or resolution about at the beginning of the year. I include the books I've read that month, progress made on a certain personal project, and every vaguely interesting adventure or thing I can think of. The business section of this project is an extra important one, because I detail everything good or productive I can think of - however small it seems: product photography, designing a nice email template, new design progress...

It's a really simple, non-time-consuming way to journal, and one that would work just as well in a bullet journal as it does in a simple, dated planner. It's so important to be able to look back through the year and see that, actually - you *have* made progress, you *are* moving forwards, and you *are* just a teeny bit closer to those big dreams than you were a few months ago. 

I'm finding it excellent for lending perspective on those annoying little doubt-filled moments, and a really good way of keeping in touch with those easily-forgotten new years resolutions. 

Celebrating the smaller moments has helped me to find more joy in the day-to-day, showing-up part of running a creative biz. Working alone or from home, it's especially important to remember to high-five yourself for all the little things that add up to a productive day, week or year. 

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{Need a helping hand with those feel-good, productive vibes? Rock the high five pin to remind yourself that you are making the good things happen!}