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Whether it's birthdays or christmas, good luck or leaving presents - I am the undisputed best gift-chooser in my family. Known for my creative and thoughtful choices (as well as some pretty nifty wrapping), it's no surprise that I absolutely love giving presents! 

If you're lacking in inspiration, or you've got some particularly tricky people to buy for, allow me to share with you my guide to choosing the perfect gift:



Think about the things you love to share or do with your giftee. Is there a special interest or hobby you spend time doing together? Do you have an in-joke or a fave thing with them? Use this as your starting inspiration. 

If you don't have any hobbies in common, what does your giftee just really love doing? 



Now that you've identified some of things that make your giftee tick, it's time to really dig deep. Get to the most specific and niche ideas that you can, and consider choosing something that can be personalised. 

My fave gifts to receive are always the ones where I feel the gifter has taken notice of something weird that I am totally obsessed with, and chosen to buy something related to or that speaks of that interest. It makes me feel seen, and known. 

You know the old expression 'it's the thought that counts' - this is what it means! The most thoughtful, interesting gifts are the ones which make us feel closer together, that show how well we know each other. 



Shop for a more original, interesting gift by choosing independent designers or small businesses. You can find handmade, quirky and imaginative present options by venturing away from the high street and opting to do a little more research online. 

It can often be the best option too for those lovely specific, niche ideas. 

My fave places for indie shopping include Etsy, Not On The High Street and RedBubble - though in truth, lots of the designer/makers and shops I visit most frequently are the ones I found on Instagram. If you don't already, get on there and have a little hunt around on hashtags like #buyfolk , #createmakeshare and #modernmaker - there are so many excellent creative people out there doing their thing!  


{ps. If you're looking for something for a creative friend, a sibling who's a bit of a daydreamer, or a pal that needs some positive encouragement - you could always start your search right here in the shop!}