9 ways to display your patch collection square.jpg

I can't get enough of iron on patches. Small, inexpensive, and with adorable embroidered details, they're the perfect collection to start.

I've been building up a little stash of patches reflecting some of my favourite things, and I've even added one of my own design to the shop!

Maybe you've been building a similar collection, (or maybe you'd like to start!) but you'd like some ideas on how to make use of these cute little badges and show them off?

Look no further! Here are my top 9 ways to display your patch collection:



Denim jacket.

The classic spot to show off your patches - something about denim and embroidery is just meant to be. They look great clustered in a big group across the whole back, or more minimally worn on the collar or breast (like you might do with a pin or badge).




The comfiest bag in town - and with the addition of patches it can truly reflect your weird and excellent personality! Scatter liberally over the whole thing, or cram a small collection into a defined area of the bag (eg: just the front pocket, or up both sides). 




Slightly less commitment than customising your beloved Kanken, why not add some interest to a cotton tote bag or reusable shopper? Style a small cluster around the top or handles, or make a feature out of them across the whole of a plain tote.



Camp blanket.

Just like in the scouts or brownies, use your patches like merit badges and stitch them to your fave blanket. Woollen or fleece is fine (not knitted), but I like them best on the old vintage ones - think a picnic or camping style pendleton. 



Jeans / shorts pocket.

Use a single patch on either the back pocket of your high waist jeans or shorts, or peeping out from the front pocket. Tuck in your shirt to show it off!



Desk / flatlay.

I think the odd patch lying around artfully on your desk looks lovely, and is a great way to have them out and on view if you haven't had time to attach them to anything more permanently. They're also often the perfect size and shape to use in a little flatlay shot and style up your insta photos.




Add a single patch to a plain tshirt, either over the breast pocket or on the spot where a pocket would sit (or even peeping out from inside the pocket), and revive a wardrobe classic with a touch of embroidery.  



Wall display / garland.

Use patches like mini art pieces as part of gallery wall style displays by pinning them up (I use some rolled up washi tape or blu tack) alongside your prints and framed pieces. You can also fix them to a strip of ribbon to make a little patch garland, and hang up for a cute display.



Notebook / office supplies.

Like a giant 3d sticker, a patch can easily add a little fun to a notebook or sketchbook, simply glue to attach - works best with a sturdy or hardback book. You can also use them in a similar way across all sorts of studio / office equipment. I use them to decorate some of my plain stock storage boxes and I even have one stuck to the top of my printer.


{Do you collect patches - would you like to try any of these display ideas?}