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At rosie o'neill, we make nice things for day dreamers and creatives.


Here's how it all got started:

Founded originally by me (Rosie) as a creative hobby, rosie o'neill began life as an extension of the handmade gifts I'd been making for years. Studying Architecture at the time, it was a way to keep sewing and making and learning new techniques just for the fun of it. 

It involved lots of vintage fabric, a handful of small craft fairs, and a couple of mildly embarrassing attempts at blogging.

After graduating university, transitioning the hobby slowly into a business was probably not the easiest or the most obvious choice - but it ended up being the one for me!   

Since then, I've experimented with free machine embroidery, screen printing and digital illustration. 

Learning new things is part of the magic when you're following a creative path, and I couldn't be happier in looking back at how this little online space has changed and bloomed!

It involves a bit of juggling, but I currently run the business mostly full time as one strand of my exciting secret triple life, where I also alternate as a fiction writer and waitress. 


Now, a growing passion and confidence in creating has led to the shop's biggest rebrand to date.

A new logo, a refined ethos, and a beautiful new line of painted, illustrative products. 

rosie o'neill has evolved into a place for likeminded creative babes to share a joy for things that look nice.

We believe that good design and nice things make for an inspiring home and an empowering workspace; and that shopping from your fave indie stores should feel good.


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