Keep Growing.


A thoughtful, practical mentoring programme for your creativity.

Providing accountability, supportive structure and encouragement in your endeavours to live a more creative life. 

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I can support you when you feel alone and overwhelmed by the distance still to travel towards your creative dreams. 

I can encourage a gentle blossoming of your creative confidence, and help you grow into the artist you’re meant to be

Whether you’re struggling with self-doubt, inspiration, motivation, focus - or just about any other form of creative block - I can help you develop processes and techniques to get you unstuck and keep your creativity flowing. 

This is for you if:

  • You hope to build more small moments of creativity into your lifestyle.

  • You want encouragement as you work on a creative passion project.

  • You need accountability while you make progress towards a big creative dream.

Whether you…

  • Already have a creative job and want support either working on a professional project or in refinding the joy and getting back to a more personally fulfilling way of creating.

  • Would like to work towards making money from your creativity.

  • Don’t have a creative business or any current intention to make money from your art, but would like to work on your creativity for your own personal joy and fulfilment. 

It is for all creative disciplines and artists of any medium. I firmly believe that the creative process, while beautifully unique for every one of us, is something which shares many common ebbs and flows whether we choose to express ourselves through words or paint or music or photography.

So whether you want to write a book, complete a collection of illustrations, develop skills in photography or start sewing again - this is for you.

What you can expect:

Two personal, in-depth, thoughtful emails a fortnight. 

This will include all of the resources you need to make monthly and weekly goals, along with a mindful, flexible day-to-day plan - whether that’s planner templates or journaling prompts or systems for organising your ideas.

Together, we’ll…

  • Create for you your own beautiful, intuitive plan for creative living. To start with we’ll work out what you really want, whether that’s the completion of a specific project, building a new creative skill, or simply making meaningful creativity a bigger priority in your day-to-day. Then, we’ll figure out how to make it happen alongside your other commitments and priorities.

  • Develop tools to chart that path with confidence and consistency.

  • Work through any obstacles that crop up, making personal strategies and processes that support your lifestyle and the continued navigation of your creative path.

My emails will be to check in, to cheer on, to help set actions, intentions and habits that will really stick, and to support your efforts towards your creative dreams every step of the way.

What I expect:

Honesty and commitment.

By choosing to invest in mentoring, you’re investing in your creative development, making it a promise and priority to yourself.

I can’t do the work for you, but I can give you the supportive structure you need to keep going and keep growing when things are tough. 

My experience:

I have personal experience in shifting my own mindset, in going from a person who dreamed about doing things, to a person who does things.

As someone who is obsessed with the mechanics of the creative process, I've dug into a lot of the why's and how's of living a creative life. 

I've failed slowly so that you can fail fast, and get back up even quicker.


  • Written four novels to completion.

  • Launched and run a successful Kickstarter campaign.

  • Developed self-taught skills in product and lifestyle photography, screen printing, machine embroidery, stop motion animation.

  • Sold my illustrative and handmade products through craft fairs, Not On The High Street, Etsy and Folksy.

I'd love to share my knowledge and insights into the creative process, and help you navigate your own. I’m offering the help and support I wish I’d had access to along my own journey, the advice and encouragement I’d have found truly valuable. 

I believe in:

Simplicity, finishing your work, sustainable consistency, mindfulness, and creating a calm environment for better creative flow. 

And, I believe in you.


Mentoring is available on a rolling month - to - month basis, priced at £40 per month. (I recommend planning to continue for at least three months in order to get the most from your mentoring.)

Alternatively, you can choose to pay for a six month period in advance, at the reduced rate of £210.

How it works:

You’ve read the blog, signed up to my monthly newsletter series, worked through my free ebook - and you’re ready to take the next step into living a brilliant, beautiful life of creativity.

Express an interest in the mentoring program using the form below, which has a few quick questions to give me a feel for what kind of support you’re looking for and how you usually work best. I'll then reach out to let you know if we’d be a good fit for working together, including invoicing details so that we can get started as soon as possible.

Can we do this over a call instead?

I’m only offering email mentoring at this time. 

I find writing to be a more measured, less reactive medium for discussing things. And I also understand that when it comes to building a creative lifestyle, flexibility is key - your time to work on things will vary from week to week, and that’s much easier to manage over email. 

Emailing suits the nature of this mentoring as it makes it simple to return to resources and prompts as needed.

Not sure if it’s right for you?

Email or dm me through Instagram with any questions you might have. I will always do my best to answer thoughtfully and honestly, and will never push mentoring if I don’t think it’s right for you.

What this mentoring is not:

Teaching a particular creative discipline - mentoring doesn’t include teaching the mechanics of writing, or painting, or any medium you might choose. It’s worth remembering though that many creative skills can be self taught - and as a self taught creative myself - I highly recommend diving in yourself as a great starting point to learning any new skill. Here I can support you - in helping you to find ways to keep growing creatively and getting through that tricky beginner phase. 

A critique partner or editing services - unfortunately I can’t offer specific feedback on work produced or help prep projects for submission or pitching. But, I can help you with mindset issues which may be holding you back from pitching, as well as offering advice for staying the course over a long and uncertain submission process.

Creative business or marketing advice - there are many wonderful coaches and mentors out there that offer this kind of thing, though. I can however help you work through confidence issues which will help you get comfortable taking up space and sharing your work with others. 

Ready to start blossoming into the artist you’re meant to be?

Take your first step by filling in the form below. (You’re not under any obligation to buy, it’s just some getting-to-know-you questions to find out if we’re a good fit.)