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Water & Sunlight

Five practical exercises to nourish your creativity and return it to full bloom.

Just as plants need water and sunshine in order to flourish, so too do we need nourishment in order to bloom creatively.

These exercises are simple activities to try when you're facing creative block or feeling disconnected from your process.

You’ll get the ebook to download in PDF form, ready to dive into whenever your creativity needs recharging.


What are the Studio Notes emails?

The email series is a monthly note in your inbox, with my personal insights into creativity. I share my experience, my successes, my failings - anything I'm going through that I think could help you feel less alone in the creative process. 

It's your reminder to prioritise creativity in the day-to-day, and simple encouragement and resources to help make that happen.

(These emails are also marketing emails, so I may also occasionally use them to let you know about products, promotions or services that I think you'll find valuable - with an emphasis on valuable. I never send spam, please feel free to check the Privacy Policy for more details on my use of emails, but know that you are free to unsubscribe easily at any time.)  


Additional Free Resources / downloads

As well as the Water & Sunlight ebook, you’ll also receive:

Green Fingers

Tend to your creative process and overcome block with a simple three step journaling technique.

Any and all further resources

As they’re created (no need to sign up again).

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