Nurture and Flourish.

A workbook for overcoming your creative struggles. 

This is a free resource for anyone who feels lost or stuck or alone in their creative process. A toolkit for uncovering purpose, getting past whatever's blocking you, and making steady progress again.

What is the free resource?

The Nurture and Flourish ebook contains:

  • My pep talk on creative block (and why I don't believe in it).

  • A simple starter guide to uncovering purpose through the act of journaling (including prompts). 

  • My three step journaling technique for identifying and moving past a problem, obstacle or stumbling block in your creative process. 

And what do I know about any of that?

I strive to live a creative life - and it's my mission, my purpose in life, to help others navigate that beautiful, sometimes rocky, self-led path.

I'm a prolific creative in many different mediums; I've written novels, developed skills in photography, design and making.

Basically, I've been there. I'm still there, working out ways to show up, keep on creating and love the journey just as much as the destination. 

Working towards your dreams can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be. Let's keep showing up together.

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What are the Studio Notes emails?

The email series is a monthly note in your inbox, with my personal insights into creativity. I share my experience, my successes, my failings - anything I'm going through that I think could help you feel less alone in the creative process. 

It's your reminder to prioritise creativity in the day-to-day, and simple encouragement and resources to help make that happen.

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Additional Free Resources.

As well as the Nurture and Flourish ebook, you’ll also receive:

  • Let Your Ideas Bloom - a printable mini journal to download and make. It’s perfect for getting into the habit of writing down your ideas when they come to you. This can help with focus, inspiration and idea quality.

  • Any and all further resources - as they’re created.

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