Ebook - Deep Roots: A Purposeful, Anchored Start To Your Writing Project.

Ebook - Deep Roots: A Purposeful, Anchored Start To Your Writing Project.


This ebook is a guide to bridging the distance between dreaming about writing a book, and actually writing one. 

I believe that the way we approach a writing project goes a long way towards actually making it happen. Getting a good handle on our mindset, finding some practical ways to organise our ideas and making a sustainable plan to support our writing really can make all the difference.

Deep Roots covers:

Section one: Mindset

  • Recognising and questioning self doubt.

  • Selfishness, guilt and giving yourself permission to create.

  • Tackling procrastination.


  • How to write a short bio or elevator pitch describing your idea.

  • Identifying your procrastination red-flags.

Section two: Ideas 

  • Originality and confidence in your ideas.

  • How to choose an idea and tips for staying focused when a new one comes along.

  • Staying inspired through the writing process.


  • Create a writer’s notebook to organise your ideas and inspiration.

  • Cultivating a sense of worth in your ideas - defining your voice and personal values.

Section three: Planning 

  • Priorities, boundaries and carving out time to write.

  • Breaking a project down into manageable chunks.

  • Identifying your motivational tendency and defining your purpose. 


  • Writing rituals - setting up a writing routine that you can stick to.

  • Motivation worksheet - putting your accountability in place.

Extra - all purchases made before 30/11/19 also include a beautiful NaNoWriMo project tracker to download and print.

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