beautiful gifts and home accessories for dreamers, magic-makers and creatives.


Hello, I'm Rosie! I first started the business as a way to keep learning and making after graduating with a degree in Architecture. Since then, 'rosie o'neill' has evolved into a place for likeminded creative souls to share a joy for things that look nice.

I believe that good design and nice things make for an inspiring home and an empowering workspace; and that shopping from your fave independent businesses makes for a more interesting life.

I believe that everyone has a little spark of creativity in them, and that using it to make lovely things is where the magic happens. 

All products are designed exclusively and independently by me and {where possible} made in small batches in the uk.

I like:

// dreaming big.

// making and writing and reading things.

// supporting my fave creative people.

// feeling positive.

// being nerdy passionate about weird stuff.

// learning new things.

// taking occasional naps.

// magic.