Hello, I’m Rosie.

I’m a designer/maker turned writer with a passion for teaching the art of creativity.

Oh, and on Sundays - I wait tables. 

Professional daydreamer just about sums up my day-to-day, I take ideas and make them into all sorts of useful things - from blog posts, newsletters and instagram posts, to creative ebooks and downloads. 

All of this alongside novel writing. I write contemporary fantasy fiction for young adults, and I’m currently seeking representation for my manuscripts.

Unlocking my creativity has given me a sense of purpose, strength and confidence I couldn’t have found any other way. I am obsessive about the creative process and what we can learn from it and I strive to live a creatively fulfilling life, navigating that wonderful, often rocky process the only way I know how - by showing up. 

I’d love to help you keep showing up for your big creative dreams, too.

My Story.

Discovering a love of writing fiction came as a surprise, though maybe it shouldn't have. 

I have always been a maker.

From intricate cardboard toy houses, to textile wrapped architectural concept models - creativity has followed me hand in hand for what seems like forever. 

When I left university, Architecture degree in hand but no desire to be an architect, I fell into the designer/maker business.

I taught myself new crafts - machine embroidery, branding design, screen printing - and skilled up in new creative mediums such as photography and shaping shop listings. I’ve sold at craft markets and through the online marketplaces of Etsy, Not On The High Street and Folksy. I’ve also run a successful Kickstarter campaign which fully funded a new product launch.

When a chronic health flare up meant a break from my usual creative outlets of making and sewing, I started writing fiction - something gentle enough for even my tired body. I'd seen a chance blog post about NaNoWriMo, and decided to give it a go.

I’ve now finished four novels. 

An obsessive reader since forever, stories of all kinds have always been so important to me, and there's nothing better than the feeling of shaping a whole world with the power of words. It truly feels like a kind of magic. 

After writing as a side project for a few years, I’m now seeking representation for my fiction and working on getting published. Chasing big, scary dreams is never easy, but I’ve developed some tips and tricks in navigating the creative process along the way. 

I’d love to share those with you, too. 

In throwing myself wholeheartedly into living this creative, fulfilling life, I hope you’ll be encouraged to dive into, keep showing up for and let shine the things that make your creative soul sing. 

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