Hello, I’m Rosie.

I'm a writer, occasional illustrator and professional daydreamer - based in Nottinghamshire, UK.

Unlocking my own creativity is something which has empowered me again and again.

It saved my degree in Architecture (something I felt desperately out of my depth in); it has defined my career and lifestyle choices since graduating (I now run a growing creative business); it has given me a purpose, strength and confidence that I couldn't have found any other way.

I believe that everyone has a little bit of magic waiting inside them, their own path to creative expression that can be nurtured and encouraged to bloom.

self portrait

My Creativity Story:

When invited to a fancy dress party where the theme was our future careers, I went as an interior designer - complete with ‘artistic’ coloured hair clip ins and a mood board tucked under my arm. 

Were you a creative child, too? My memories of growing up are inextricably linked with creativity; there were plays written, magazines put together, cardboard dolls houses constructed. 

But creativity as a child doesn’t always translate into adulthood. It’s a tricky transition to make, self consciousness and academic ambition can combine to make creativity an afterthought, a secondary concern, an embarrassment. 

Craving a career path that could lead me back there, I tried to compromise by studying Architecture for my degree. Too little too late. I'd neglected my inner artist for so long that I'd lost all confidence in it. Digging deep into craft and a joy for making saved my degree, and it went on to give me a direction after graduating - starting my own creative small business. 

Using my creativity helps to still my anxious, busy brain. It gives me a tangible, productive outlet to rest, to recharge, to shine.

I am a dabbler of multiple creative pursuits, I love giving new mediums a go. I could, for example - make you a traditional rag rug; hand-letter a favourite quote; take your photo; sew, screen print or embroider any number of things for you. 

Fiction writing is my permanent obsession and absolute favourite medium of choice - stories of all kinds have always been so important to me, and there's nothing better than the feeling of shaping a whole world with the power of words. 

I'd love to help everyone find something that makes them feel the way I do when I'm writing. Connecting with your creativity truly makes you feel like a superhero, and whether you want to use it to shape a career or just to live a more thoughtful, intentional day-to-day, it can have so much impact in your life. 

Let me help you discover and develop your creative spark, too:

I write a regular blog sharing the best ways to build sustained and consistent creativity into your life, along with posts on how to grow and develop those skills, and advice on living with more intention and contentment.

 My Studio Notes emails are sent with extra special content - including free resources, prompts and ideas for welcoming creativity into your day-to-day life.

One of my favourite online communities is Instagram, join me over there for bite sized creativity tips and thoughtful discussions. I also share tons of creative lifestyle inspiration on stories, where you can see how I balance novel writing, content creation, a part time job and self-care.