Hello, I’m Rosie.

I’m a designer/maker turned writer with a passion for teaching the act of creativity.

Oh, and on Sundays - I wait tables. 

Professional daydreamer just about sums up my day-to-day, I take ideas and make them into all sorts of useful things - blog posts, and newsletters and instagram posts. 

I’m working on getting my novels published, and I’m working on building a business and a life that lights me up the way writing does. 

I strive to live a creatively fulfilling life, navigating that wonderful, often rocky process the only way I know how - by showing up. 

Unlocking my creativity has given me a sense of purpose, strength and confidence I couldn’t have found any other way. 

I’d love to help you find that for yourself, too.

My Story.

What started as a hobby after graduating turned into a surprising business. I had an architecture degree but no desire to be an architect, and I just wanted to make a living from being creative - so I went to the thing that seemed most obvious, that seemed like an extension of the handmade things I'd been playing with for years. I designed, made and sold products at craft fairs, in a few shops, on Folksy, Etsy and NotOnTheHighStreet. I learned to screenprint designs onto fabric, take shop listing photographs, build websites. 


I've never had a full-time traditional job, so it's never struck me as risky or strange to simply stride out and make a path for myself. 

But without realising it, I was searching for a purpose left unfulfilled by the designer/craft seller side of my work. It lay in creativity, in the way we build skills and develop passions into something beautiful and world changing.

It possibly didn't lie in the endless cycle of designing, ordering, listing and shipping. I am notoriously bad at quitting things and giving up, but my intuition on this was hard to ignore. I needed a business that overlapped, engaged with and supported (emotionally as well as financially) my love for writing.

Writing Changed Everything.

Discovering a love for writing changed my life, slowly at first.

I started writing fiction on a random desperate whim, when I needed a creative outlet that would be gentle enough on my tired body. I couldn’t manage the sewing or making I normally turned to, and when I saw a chance blog post mentioning NaNoWriMo, I decided to give it a go. 

I’ve now finished four novels. 

Stories of all kinds have always been so important to me, and there's nothing better than the feeling of shaping a whole world with the power of words. 

After writing as a side project for years, I’m now seeking representation for my fiction. Chasing big, scary dreams is never easy, but I’ve developed some tips and tricks in navigating the creative process along the way. 

I’d love to share those with you, too. 

In throwing myself wholeheartedly into living this creative, fulfilling life, I hope you’ll be encouraged to dive into, keep showing up for and let shine the things that make your creative soul sing. 

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