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Hello, I’m Rosie.

Writer and creativity mentor.

I’d love to help you grow a thoughtful and empowering creative life.

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A free workbook for you.

Nurture and Flourish includes:

- My pep talk on creative block (and why I don't believe in it).

- A simple starter guide to uncovering purpose through the act of journaling (including prompts). 

- My three step journaling technique for identifying and moving past a problem, obstacle or stumbling block in your creative process. 

This is a free resource for anyone who feels lost or stuck or alone in their creative process. A toolkit for uncovering purpose, getting past whatever's blocking you, and making steady progress again.

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One of my favourite online communities is Instagram, so join me over there for bite sized creativity tips and thoughtful discussions.

I also share tons of creative lifestyle inspiration on stories, where you can see how I balance novel writing, content creation, a part time job and self-care.

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