finding a creative style

A creative style is formed from all the things that people associate most with our work. Anything from colours, subject and themes, line weight, textures, mood... 

It is so natural to evolve and change in style - and in fact it can be pretty crucial in order to successfully grow as a creative.

Sometimes - when we're just starting out, or if we hit a bit of a block - it can be difficult to find that evolution or direction naturally, and it becomes something we have to actively seek in order to move forwards. 

seeking out a wealth of inspiration


Searching for inspiration is one of the best ways to influence creative style, but it has to be done with intention. Using best practises while seeking inspiration will help you to avoid accidental copying and make sure you aren't growing your style into someone else's.

Use a variety of sources - instagram, pinterest, blogs, print magazines can all be great places to start. 

Look beyond your own field. So if you're an illustrator, look for colour inspiration in fashion and interiors; if you write fantasy, check out other genres and even non-fiction for word, rhythm and prose influence.

Use your own work as a source. Artists tend to hoard old work - so make it count. Flip through old sketchbooks and projects to catch little seedlings of ideas that never quite made it the first time around. 

Blending multiple sources and checking back in with your own work and purpose will help you stay original and authentic while you're searching for a new direction.

finding a creative style that's authentic and personal


Relaxing the pressure we put on our creativity can help new ideas to bloom. Try encouraging a sense of play back into your process and see where it takes you.

You could also introduce new materials or techniques into your work - focus on enjoying creating and watch for the directions and processes that appeal to you the most.

Take these experiments and use them to inform your style moving forwards - add things, take things away; but keep moving and growing your style as it gradually becomes closer to feeling like a good fit.